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Meet Jeff Myers

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The pride of Wedgewood Building Company is the ability to construct truly custom homes, no matter the budget, location, or preferences. Other builders tout such capabilities, but lack Wedgewood’s sophisticated and comprehensive approach.

Wedgewood’s distinct process is perhaps best told by the very person responsible for commencing each of our custom home builds. Jeff Myers, licensed architect and sales consultant, shares his influence on the Wedgewood method.

WW: What insights do you have regarding WW’s overall client process?

JM: First of all, we’re not selling people something that has been done before for someone else. We are selling and building a product or home solution that is truly custom for each client. When we commence the design process, we are literally problem solving for whatever their housing need or budget. Thus, we can work with any size of budget, any parameters, any finishes. It’s our job to design and build to our client’s wants and needs, offering our expertise all along the way, all while completing work on time and under budget.

At Wedgewood, we are totally accountable to the client. We make sure we’ve listened and created the right design solution and cross-reference that with their budget before even moving forward. We earn the privilege to build for the client and this is part of that process and why we don’t charge additionally for this service. This takes off pressure from the client perspective, which opens up the client and allows for more creativity and dialogue.


WW: So what is your role in the WW custom home building process?

JM: As a licensed architect, I’m the go-to guy who will go anywhere to build and to build anything.

We are the only custom home-builder that I know of that has a licensed architect internal to the company. Most companies won’t even higher an architect, they higher a designer that independently comes up with a design solution.

So with our process and staff, we can be more responsive to the client needs and more accountable to the budget. I’m an integral part of the team and so not being independent, I am accountable for making sure we meet our client’s needs and budget.

Plus, since I’m internal, my expertise and services come at no additional cost to the customer. That can save people tens of thousands of dollars right there. For what some people pay for architectural drawings when building with other companies, we could build them a house! It’s just not money well spent in the end. When people pay independently for architectural drawings, they tend to overpay and then set themselves to come in over budget for the entire project.


WW: Why choose Wedgewood for scattered lot home construction?  

JM: We literally start with a blank sheet of paper and can start from scratch, like even helping the client find and acquire a home lot.

Constructing a home outside of an established neighborhood and on a private lot can have cost implications. Expenses can include adding or removing dirt, trees, drainage, etc. I like to be sure our clients do not overpay for the lot itself and also understand the cost of building on the property they desire.

There is really nothing that can’t be done, its just a matter of how much money people want to throw at the solution. However, we like to properly advise our clients so that they don not incur undue financial strain.

We’ll even go where there are no utilities, so we have the ability to add sewer systems, dig wells, plan for permitting, etc. We have even helped clients go to the county for permits and assisted with master planning for not just homes, but other buildings, lakes and ponds.


WW: How many years have you been with WW and what does your vast experience entail?

JM: I’ve been with Wedgewood since the beginning and designing homes for 14 years, but actually came to the home side of things after working in the healthcare and educational sector.

I came to the housing industry from a large architectural engineering firm in Indianapolis. I used to do a lot of healthcare and educational architecture throughout the state of Indiana. At the time, through some national contacts, I was doing a large educational project for the City of Phoenix. They wanted to $900 million high school construction project in Phoenix, Ariz. It was through a contact with that project, that I got introduced to architecture for housing and given an opportunity to get into that arena.

What I learned was that in healthcare and educational projects, you deal with public boards, boards of trustees, facility directors. They can bog down the process and creativity, but it was still possible to complete great designs even in spite of the nature of the client. Quite honestly, with healthcare and education builds, the issues are not architecture, but political or logistical, from the need for more beds, desks for whatever.

However, I found that I liked the housing piece because it’s usually just two people that I have to satisfy and we can be direct, creative and meet some very clear objectives. That makes what I do really fun and exciting.

Locally I designed the original Carmel St. Vincent Hospital, and so by comparison, residential work seems almost easy. I’ve enjoyed the different experiences and have learned a lot. In the institutional arena, you have to be as much of a politician as an architect. Really, it’s not that different in residential, but on a smaller and much more enjoyable scale.


WW: How would you describe WW’s remodeling services and offerings?

JM: While we do not currently do a lot of remodeling, it is a service we offer and I believe there is great opportunity for Wedgewood and our clients in this area. However, we are mostly focused on a structural remodel as opposed to a more household remodel, in nature.

For instance, a household remodel could just be the transformation of a kitchen or bathroom which wouldn’t require the expertise of a homebuilder.  We are not really interested in that type of contract work. Instead, we are focused on those who need to remodel an entire structure and move walls, add a second floor to a house, etc.

Our remodel offerings are more comprehensive and structural in nature. It really has more to do with repositioning what the house is, instead of a minor remodel for resale purposes.

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